Fanuc M-1iA/1HL Delta Robot

Right to the point

With a repeatability of ± 0.03 mm, this robot is ideal for intricate operations that require a longer reach.

Fanuc M-1iA/1H Delta Robot

Flexible, high speed application system

Your smart solution for complex assembly tasks such as circuit boards, LED lens, telephones and much more.

Robot specifications
Fanuc M-1iA/1HL Delta Robot
Controlled Axes 3
MaxLoad Capacity At Wrist [kg] 1
Repeatability [mm] 0.03
Mechanical Weight [kg] 21
Reach [mm] 420
Motion Range [°]      J1 ø 420 x 150
J2 ø 420 x 150
J3 ø 420 x 150
J4 -
J5 -
J6 -
Maximum Speed [°/s]      J1 -
J2 -
J3 -
J4 -
J5 -
J6 -
Mounting Method Floor, Ceiling, Angle


Unique delta design mechanism

This innovative 6-axis parallel-link configuration is ideal for fast dextrous assembly applications.

One-of-a-kind range

Combining ultra-fast cycle times with maximum precision, this range has been specially designed for producers of small electronic, solar and mechanical devices or for suppliers who pick, pack and sort lightweight components.

Smart offline programming

This robot model is integrated into the Fanuc's own offline programming software ROBOGUIDE. ROBOGUIDE is a powerful tool that enables integrators, planners and users to design cells, systems and motions offline.