Fanuc R-30iB Controller

The Fanuc R-30iB controller is the new standard for smarter productivity.

Fanuc R-30iB Controller range

Featuring a new generation of advanced integrated hardware and more than 250 software functions, it is your key to robot performance in terms of cycle-time, speed, accuracy and safety. Designed for increased user friendliness and minimal energy consumption, the Fanuc R-30iB comes in four different cabinets to help you make the most of your floor space and production cell layouts.

Integrated Programmable Machine Control

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The Fanuc R-30iB robot controller's integrated, high-performance PMC has access to the entire robot I/O system, enabling easy separate or asynchronical control of peripheral devices with no detrimental effects on robot performance.

Robot control the easy way

Save floor space

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With the exception of the larger B-Cabinet, all FANUC R-30iB robot controllers are compact and easy to integrate into single robot production cells. For multi-robot installations they can be stacked.

Safer software

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Unlike PC-based robot controllers that rely on Windows, R-30iB controllers use Fanuc’s own propriety software – meaning you won’t have to worry about viruses, hackers or stability issues.

Faster booting

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Because they don't involve a PC, Fanuc R-30iB robot controllers boot very quickly.

User-friendly control

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Intuitive and simple to use, iPendant makes using the Fanuc R-30iB robot controller easy for everyone involved in the production cycle.

Maximum energy savings

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Intelligent power optimisation, and a range of energy saving features help make energy efficiency stand out in your business’ bottom line.

Out-of-the-box Intelligence

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All Fanuc R-30iB robot controllers are ready for intelligent functions such as vision, force and interference check as standard.

Controller features for more flexibility

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Easy system diagnosis - Thanks to iRDiagnostics as standard.

Flexible integration - Thanks to multiple Ethernet ports.

Great connectivity - Thanks to a broad range of field bus and safety bus options

Four cabinet sizes and specifications

A Cabinet

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Fanuc’s standard controller, the A-Cabinet is Fanuc's compact and stackable solution. Perfectly suited to industrial environments, it is designed for limited/2 aux. axes.

B Cabinet

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This model contains the same technology as the A-Cabinet, but with ample space for additional amplifiers or I/O modules. It is perfectly suited to industrial environments.

Mate Cabinet

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Powerful and self-contained, this is the ideal choice for smaller robots and has been designed specifically for M series and LR-Mate robots. It is stackable for multi-robot cells.

Open-Air Cabinet

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Ideal for M1, M2, M3 and LR Mate robots, this unit is powerful and self-contained. Built for office or very dirty/humid environments, it can be rack mounted into another cabinet and is stackable for multi-robot cells.