Fanuc CR-14iA/L Collaborative Robot

The perfect match between a small size and a heavy payload

The Fanuc CR-14iA/L is a special collaborative robot that merges the features from its big brother the Fanuc CR-15iA and its smaller brother the Fanuc CR-7iA. The collaborative robot was developed to work safely and efficiently. Thanks to the combination of its reach, payload, and size, the Fanuc CR-15iA can be used in many fields of applications like loading and unloading machines and other factory automation tasks. The collaborative robot can support you where the space is too tight to use one of its big brothers, but heavy payload and a large reach is however needed. The Fanuc CR-14iA/L collaborative robot's features and benefits can be used straightforward due to easy programming and thanks to hand guidance for teaching and handling. Despite the green exterior, the collaborative robot operates like any industrial Fanuc robot and it is able to reliably repeat the same movement multiple times with a repeatability of ± 0.01 mm.

Fanuc CR-14iA/L Collaborative Robot

Easy to program

Thanks to the Fanuc CR-14iA/L's optional hand guidance for teaching and handling it's really easy to teach the collaborative robot. It can be programmed by simply leading the robot through motion points of the future task. New iHMI guides provide step by step guidance for setting up and creating programs, along with other wizards/tutorials.

Robot specifications
Fanuc CR-14iA/L Collaborative Robot
Controlled Axes 6
MaxLoad Capacity At Wrist [kg] 14
Repeatability [mm] 0.01
Mechanical Weight [kg] 55
Reach [mm] 911 (820)
Motion Range [°]      J1 340
J2 166
J3 383
J4 380
J5 240
J6 720
Maximum Speed [°/s]      J1 500
J2 500
J3 500
J4 500
J5 500
J6 500
J4 Moment / Inertia (Nm / kgm2 31 / 0.66 
J5 Moment / Inertia (Nm / kgm2 31 / 0.66  
J6 Moment / Inertia (Nm / kgm2 13.4 / 0.3 
Mounting Method Floor, Upside-down, Wall


Agility at its best

The kinematics and flexibility of my slim profile mean that I can work close to my base, thus making best use of the available workspace. With my small footprint of 296.5 x 235 mm, I am an ideal candidate for space-saving installations.

Compatible with Fanuc intelligent features

As all Fanuc robots, the Fanuc CR-14iA/L can be equipped with any of Fanuc's intelligence features - made by Fanuc, developed specifically for Fanuc robots. Intelligence-ready features include Fanuc iRVision, 3D vision with Fanuc 3D Area Sensor, as well as Fanuc Force Sensors.

Safety first

Due to the Fanuc CR-14iA/L's collaborative nature, it can work in direct cooperation or alongside humans in a shared work environment - without the need for safety fences or sensors. The Fanuc CR-14iA/L immediately stops when being exposed to a person or fixed object thanks to proven safe contact stop sensor technology.