Mazak Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS)

Mazak is the largest manufacturer of Flexible Manufacturing Systems, with a 30 year production history.    
Automation can enhance productivity through increased machine tool utilization.
To ensure you have the right automation for your facility, Mazak offers a range of higher productivity systems to help you meet your specific production needs.

Mazak's Gantry Loaders provide fast loading and unloading for high-volume manufacturing. They bring more versatility, flexibility and productivity when managing chuck and shaft work by offering a variety of loading stations and robotic hands. Gantry loader systems are easy to install and operate, providing a quick, turnkey system that results in immediate increases in productivity.

Mazak's Multi Pallet Pool (MPP) System is a compact multiple pallet stocker system ideal for manufacturers who require basic automation to increase productivity and/or have limited floor space that prevents installation of a system with a horizontal pallet stocker. As an expandable system, it offers optimal flexibility by allowing shops to initially incorporate the stocker with a few pallets and grow the system as production needs change.

Offering amazing production flexibility, Mazak's Palletech system brings high levels of efficiency to high-mix, low-volume production as well as high-volume operations. Fully compatible with Mazak's range of horizontal machining centers, Multi-Tasking machines and Orbitec 20 machining centers for large parts, Palletech is available in single, double and triple-level pallet stocker configurations. Because of its modular, pre-engineered construction, Palletech easily expands along with your growing business, with a range of options that can accommodate up to 16 machines with 240 pallets and 8 loading stations.

A smart factory solution with the highest level of flexibility and customization, the Mazatec Smart Manufacturing System (SMS) offers manufacturers a wide range of configurations and options to achieve fully automated processes in any facility. In addition to integrating with Muratec’s manufacturing execution system (MES), the system uses Smooth PMC to simplify system management. A high-speed stocker crane, maximum stocker height of 39.4 ft (12 m) and large degree of flexibility make this the ideal solution for automating entire facilities.