MazaCAM off-line programming for Mazak CNC machine tools

Welcome to the ease of off-line programming your Mazak.

Have you ever wished that you could write your Mazatrol programs completely off-line, on your PC or laptop? How about drawing a part using an easy-to-use CAD system, or importing an existing CAD drawing, and then convert the CAD drawing to ready-to-go Mazatrol? These, and many other features, are the benefits that current MazaCAM users take full advantage of. To directly find out more about MazaCAM, go to our 'What is MazaCAM' page.

Is MazaCAM right for you?

If you own a Mazak, and use Mazatrol, MazaCAM is the most advanced off-line programming system available. But don't let the word 'advanced' scare you, MazaCAM is user-friendly, and is designed to make Mazatrol and G-code programming simpler, faster, and more efficient.

For those that have Mazaks and other CNC machines with G-code.

If your shop has Mazaks, but also uses other machines and controls, such as Fanuc, Fadal and Okuma, MazaCAM can help you to program all your CNCs with one system. MazaCAM can output both Mazatrol, and also G-code. The G-code is not generic, but specifically post-processed to be edit-free, for all your different G-code controls.