hyperMILL Collision Avoidance

Better safe than sorry!

Fully automated collision checking and avoidance.

The prerequisite – not just for reliable 5axis machining – is reliable collision checking and avoidance. hyperMILL detects collisions and provides efficient solutions for collision avoidance. Fully automated collision avoidance offers a range of strategies. A collision-free tool angle is calculated automatically for 5axis simultaneous machining. The user can decide which axis of rotation should be prioritised in collision avoidance depending on the machine kinematics. If there are collisions, 3D and/or tilted machining is cancelled, the toolpaths with collisions are left out, and then milling is carried out using longer tool lengths and/or modified tool angles. Furthermore, during roughing, the paths can be moved laterally, thereby allowing greater machining depths. The software can predict tool length extension or reduction to optimise this parameter while assuring collision free toolpaths.

Tool move