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hyperMILL TURNING Solutions: Turning Ideas into Success

Turning operations of all kinds are important pillars of today‚Äôs manufacturing industry. From turning on machines with only one turret to machining on complex multitasking machines, all the way to mill-turn machining on universal machine tools, the world of turning is multi-faceted and places particular demands on the CAM system.

Do you want to quickly and safely create the perfect NC code for your turning processes? hyperMILL offers a wide range of functions and strategies for turning, turn-milling, and mill-turning. You benefit from perfect toolpaths and innovative CAM technologies. For maximum safety, hyperMILL VIRTUAL Machining simulates and optimizes the actual NC code. With the automation solutions from hyperMILL, CAM programming can be standardized and significantly accelerated. Benefit from the many advantages for your manufacturing endeavors and program your turning operations with hyperMILL TURNING Solutions.

Turning Applications with hyperMILL

Explore Mill-Turning, Turn-Milling and Turning in detail.

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hyperMILL MILL-TURN Machining 

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turn mill machining

hyperMILL TURN-MILL Machining 

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Strategies for hyperMILL TURNING Solutions

  • Roughing
  • Contour-parallel Roughing
  • Finishing
  • Groove Turning
  • Groove Plunging/Parting off
  • Groove Finishing
  • Face Groove Turning
  • Face Groove Plunging
  • Face Groove Finishing
  • Thread Cutting
  • Comprehensive drilling operations
  • High-Performance Turning
  • 3-axis Simultaneous Roughing
  • 3-axis Simultaneous Finishing



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hyperMILL TURNING Solutions at a glance

  • An intuitive programming environment for turning and milling tasks
  • A broad spectrum of available turning and milling strategies for flexibly programming 2.5D tasks all the way up to complex 5-axis tasks
  • A shared tool database for turning, milling, and drilling tools
  • Simple tool definition with the hyperMILL TOOL Builder
  • Thanks to hyperMILL VIRTUAL Machining technology, the NC code is generated, simulated, and optimized based on the digital twin
  • Time-saving, automated programming thanks to feature and macro technology and the hyperMILL AUTOMATION Center

TURNING Solutions brochure

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CAD/CAM Solutions for Turning Operations.