3-axis Simultaneous Turning

mill turning 3d simultan cam software

Efficiency and flexibility for turning operations

hyperMILL offers easy-to-program CAM strategies for simultaneous roughing and finishing.

Simultaneous machining further boosts the mill-turning efficiency of machines with a swivel head on the third axis. Complex workpiece geometries can be machined in a single operation by simultaneously adapting the approach angle during turning.


3 axis simultan roughing

3-axis Simultaneous Roughing

The innovative approach, which involves using a simultaneous third axis during roughing, offers the user many benefits. The flexible tool orientation ensures that the insert is optimally utilized and also helps to extend the tool life.


3-axis Simultaneous Finishing

The simultaneous movement of the third axis allows complex contours to be finished in a single operation. This means that tool changes that were previously required due to limited access or undercut can be avoided.

3 axis simultan finishing


3 axis simultaneous high performance turning

3-axis simultaneous high-performance turning

With hyperMILL MAXX Machining, the trochoidal milling concept can be quickly and easily applied to all turned parts, even with 3-axis simultaneous roughing.

The connecting paths between the individual toolpaths as well as their approach and retract movements are perfectly adapted to the respective machining application. This not only significantly reduces the machining time, but also substantially increases the tool life.




hyperMILL MILL-TURN: 3-axis Simultaneous Turning

hyperMILL MILL-TURN provides 3-axis Simultaneous Turning strategies for finishing and even roughing. The innovative aspect of using a third axis during roughing offers some important advantages like more flexibility and optimal tool utilisation.



  • Process complex contours in a single operation
  • Optimal tool utilization
  • Increased tool life
  • Fewer tool changes
  • Easy to program
  • For machines with a swivel head on the third axis
  • Fully checked for collisions