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turn mill machining

hyperMILL TURN-MILL Machining: CAM Programming for Multitasking Machines Made Easy

Programming turn-mill centers is one of the most demanding tasks a programmer has to accomplish. A great deal of experience is required to safely bring the machining operation to the machine. The right CAM system helps here in a number of ways. With hyperMILL TURN-MILL machining, you benefit from a CAM solution with reliable toolpaths and a dependable simulation for machines at risk of collision.

Complete machining on the turn-mill machine – turning, milling, and drilling

Modern turn-mill centers have become indispensable to modern manufacturing. Complete machining on one machine is efficient, highly precise, and extremely flexible. So work conveniently, with proven CAM strategies for turning, milling, and drilling in a user-friendly operating environment! All tools can be used in a clearly arranged database that includes intended uses and technology parameters. Thanks to feature and macro technology, you can also program pockets, holes, and turning contours in just a few clicks.

turn mill complete machining

hyperMILL TURN-MILL Machining

Motorsport front wheel hub

hyperMILL TURN-MILL Machining is a powerful turn-milling solution that is completely integrated in hyperMILL.
This machining of a front wheel hub was made in cooperation with Mazak UK on a Mazak Integrex i-400.


Main and counter spindle machining with part transfer

hyperMILL offers you convenient programming for parts on machines with a main and counter spindle. The machining jobs are simply programmed in the “Main Spindle” and “Counter Spindle” containers and are thus assigned to the respective processing page. The part or bar material, with or without parting, is simply transferred by means of a transfer job.

main counter spindle machining


turn mill hpc

HPC turning on turn-mill machines 

High-performance turning offers you a number of advantages – without additional programming effort. Use trochoidal toolpaths with optimal connection paths as you turn.

This makes for significantly more stable and efficient machining processes, especially with difficult-to-machine materials. The machining takes place in a uniform direction or in a zigzag pattern. The infeed takes place in a linear or ramp-like movement. Depending on the machining application, the inserts are always optimally used and utilized to the fullest.


Simultaneous turning programmed with ease

To provide even more flexibility, intuitive strategies are available to you for 3-axis simultaneous roughing and finishing. This opens up new possibilities for machining undercuts as well as demanding geometries and leads to better utilization of your tools. You can use the HPC option for even more efficient roughing, especially with materials that are difficult to machine.

simultaneous turning



wheel hub mazak

hs gs part

turn mill part


hyperMILL TURN-MILL Machining at a glance

  • An intuitive programming environment for turning and milling tasks
  • A broad spectrum of available turning and milling strategies for flexibly programming turn-mill machines
  • Convenient programming of main and counter spindle machining
  • A shared tool database for turning, milling, and drilling tools
  • Simple tool definition with the hyperMILL TOOL Builder
  • Time-saving, automated programming thanks to feature and macro technology and the hyperMILL AUTOMATION Center