2.5D Machining: Milling and Drilling

hypermill 2 5d cam software 

Efficient programming with hyperMILL

Typical 2.5D drilling and milling tasks can be programmed efficiently using hyperMILL CAM software.

hyperMILL 2.5D machining is typically applied to plate processing in tool and mold manufacturing. Pocket machining, plane levels, contours and drill holes present very unique challenges here. Intelligent mechanisms, such as the recognition of pocket features can now help the CAM user to program faster than ever before.
With its high-performance cutting functions (HPC), hyperMILL MAXX Machining will boost machining performance during 2.5D roughing.

Accelerated 2.5D programming

2D components normally offer great potential for process automation. hyperMILL therefore provides a new and comprehensive solution that allows programming to be completely automated. All 2.5D strategies can also be applied to multi-axis machining.

Videos: 2.5D CAM strategies

hyperMILL 2.5D-Strategies: T-Slot Milling on 3D Model

Did you know that also T-slots can be programmed quickly and comfortably with hyperMILL‘s feature technology? Feature-based machining speeds up and simplifies NC programming by using automated programming sequences.


hyperMILL 2.5D-Strategies: Chamfer Milling on 3D Model

Did you know how fast and easy the deburring and chamfering can be programmed with hyperMILL? With “2D chamfer milling on 3D model”, component edges with and without modelled chamfers can be deburred safely, in just a few clicks.


hyperMILL 2.5D-Strategies: Playback Milling

Did you know the playback milling strategy and the playback function can be used for 2.5D machining? With these you can create toolpaths and boundaries interactively.


Milling: 2.5D strategies

  • Pocket Milling
  • Rectangular Pocket
  • Inclined Pocketing
  • Contour Milling
  • Contour Milling on 3D models
  • Inclined Contouring
  • Chamfer Milling on 3D models
  • Rest Machining
  • Face Milling
  • Playback Milling
  • Plunge Milling
  • Multi-axis indexing with fixed tool angle

Drilling: 2.5D strategies

  • Centring
  • Simple Drilling
  • Drilling with chip break
  • Drilling with pecking cycle
  • Reaming
  • Tapping
  • Thread Milling
  • Boring
  • Helical Drilling
  • Drilling circular pockets
  • Gun Drilling 

2.5D milling strategies

Discover a selection of our 2.5D milling strategies in detail.


Benefits of 2.5D milling strategies

  • Collision-checked with precise toolpaths
  • Detailed simulation
  • Optimal approach and retract strategies for all cycles
  • Simple and fast programming with feature and macro technology