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hyperMILL MILL-TURN Machining: High-End Milling Meets Turning

Turning on a milling machine provides maximum efficiency. hyperMILL’s highly effective milling strategies open up undreamt-of possibilities on your mill-turn center in combination with turning operations. This means that with the hyperMILL CAM solution, you can benefit from greater efficiency, highly accurate manufacturing results, and maximum safety when doing complete machining.


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Complete machining on the CNC machine – milling and turning in one set-up

Mill-turning has enormous potential when it comes to manufacturing a particular range of parts. When a milled part has a rotationally symmetrical outer or inner contour, it is often most efficient to use a turning operation. This is why milling and turning are closely interlinked in hyperMILL. Intuitive operation and the quality of the output toolpaths are the advantages of this interlinking. Use the highly effective CAM strategies for both technologies in order to safely and conveniently master the programming tasks on your mill-turn center.


Maximum safety – simulate and optimize

Typical components are large, complex, and expensive, which means that for cost and safety reasons, everything hast to be correct on the first try. hyperMILL VIRTUAL Machining with its digital twin of the real machine is used to generate the NC code. Collision checking, simulation, and analysis processes occur based on the finished NC code, and you know exactly what will happen on the real machine. The NC Optimizer analyzes the NC program as the NC code is being generated and perfectly adapts it to the kinematic properties of the chosen machine. It automatically finds the position that is both collision-free and ideal from a technical standpoint and optimizes the traverse movements. This innovative technology is essential for safely and reliably machining such components.

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HPC turning on mill-turn machines 

Large components, high stock removal rates, and difficult-to-machine materials are common challenges when it comes to mill-turn machining. High-performance turning offers you a number of advantages in this regard. hyperMILL generates trochoidal toolpaths with optimally matched connection paths and without additional programming effort. This makes for significantly more stable and efficient machining processes when working with difficult-to-machine materials. HPC turning is also particularly gentle on tools and machines.



Easily program 3-axis simultaneous turning

You often need simultaneous machining in order to optimally process your components. hyperMILL helps you to safely and conveniently create simultaneous toolpaths for this type of machining. Intuitive strategies are available to you for 3-axis simultaneous roughing and finishing. This opens up new possibilities for machining undercuts as well as demanding geometries and leads to better utilization of your tools. For even better performance, simultaneous roughing can also be used with the HPC option.

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hyperMILL MILL-TURN Machining at a glance

  • An intuitive programming environment for turning and milling tasks
  • Highly effective, proven milling strategies combined with turning operations ranging from standard to simultaneous
  • A shared tool database for turning, milling, and drilling tools
  • Simple tool definition with the hyperMILL TOOL Builder
  • Time-saving, automated programming thanks to feature and macro technology and the hyperMILL AUTOMATION Center