From 2.5D to 5-axis Drilling

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Drilling with hyperMILL CAM software

Comprehensive strategies and functions enable highly efficient programming in conjunction with feature and macro technologies. Each hole is reliably recognized as a feature. NC programming may be carried out manually or automatically.

Whatever the type of drilling task, hyperMILL always offers the right cycle. This begins with simple tasks such as centering or drilling with chip breaks and it ends with complex deep hole drilling with various stepped and cross-holes.

Features and macros make NC programming easier.

The advanced feature macro technology provided by hyperMILL CAM software makes the complex drilling of hundreds of holes on multiple orientations easier for the user. NC programming becomes simple and extremely convenient as holes can be recognized reliably at all times.

All hole types are listed clearly. These can then be programmed reliably and quickly, either manually or with the support of machining macros. The programming of drill holes can also be fully automated.

Macro Technology: Drilling plate

Did you know that the feature and macro technology of hyperMILL enables you to program in record time? In this video, all holes are recognized and programmed with just a few clicks.

Additional conveniences

As the 5-axis pioneer, OPEN MIND’s long-term expertise is especially well-suited to the area of multi-axis machining. Drilling jobs with different tool angles can be combined conveniently in a single operation with an optimized traverse path.

Furthermore, job linking allows any number of drilling jobs to be linked in close proximity to the workpiece. This greatly reduces auxiliary processing times.

5-axis helical drilling is another special 5-axis strategy provided by hyperMILL – alongside thread milling and helical drilling. These operations cater for plunging into the material extremely quickly with the most economic use of tools.

Drilling features

  • Reliable feature recognition of simple and complex holes
  • Optimized traverse paths between the drill holes on a component
  • Collision-checked machining
  • All 2.5D cycles can also be used for 3+2 multi-axis machining
  • 2.5D cycles:
    • Centering
    • Simple Drilling
    • Drilling with Chip Break
    • Reaming and Boring
    • Tapping
    • Thread Milling
    • Peck Drilling
  • 5-axis Helical Drilling

Drilling strategies

Discover a selection of our drilling strategies in detail.