Losma Icarus Oil Mist Collector

Losma Icarus Oil Mist Collector
Losma Icarus Oil Mist Collector
Losma Icarus oil mist collector, oil mist filter, fume separator, dust collector, industrial air filter, machine tool air filter.

Losma Icarus is a static exhaust fan for filtration of air containing oil mists, micro-mists and smokes, generated from coolants (both emulsion or neat oil). It is designed to be mounted on the machine tools.

  • Available in 3 sizes, with a flowrate up to 2000 m3/h
  • Increasing filtration efficiency
  • Versatility and modularity


Unit tested

Losma grants that every single system is tasted through strict control procedures. Every unit is provided with a qualitative and functional test certificate.


Easy and quick maintenance

Access to filtering section is very easy and quick, you don’t need to unscrew or dismantle any part. Just open the two locks on the door and access to the filters, which can be extracted easily and changed in a few minutes.

electrical consumption

Energy efficiency

Using centrifugal fans with high efficiency grants high performances for flowrate and pressure, together with reduced power consumption and limited energy usage. Icarus also has very low noise emission.

Technical information

Icarus is available in three sizes with flowrate from 600 to 2.000 m3/h with different filtration efficiency combination, up to performances of 99,97%.


losma icarus operation

  • Polluted air is drawn in by a high efficiency centrifugal fan (A), mounted behind the filters. In this way the fan cannot be damaged, since it works with clean air without any pollutant residual.
  • Air passes initially through a special deflector (B), whose function is to distribute uniformly the air onto filter’s surface, assuring a proper use of the whole useful contact area of the filter.
  • Then the air crosses a series of filter with increasing efficiency (C) up to more than 95% with polluted particles measuring less than micron. Efficiency can reach 99,97% with use of a HEPA post-filter following EN 1822 regulation.

losma icarus options

1. High efficiency H13 filter

Provides a very high filtration efficiency, up to 99,97%, following the EN 1822 regulation. Useful in case of micro-mists and smokes.

2. C.A. After filter

Activated carbons for removal of odors from previously filtered air.

3. X Guard

Pre-filtration module for swarf and dust, working through metallic and synthetic filtration stages. Useful to optimize the air suction efficiency in case of high production of oil mists containing dusts and metallic swarf.

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