Losma Pascal Dust Collector

Losma Pascal Dust Collector
Losma Pascal Dust Collector
Losma Pascal dust collector, fume separator, industrial air filter, machine tool air filter.

The new Losma Pascal filter series are designed for the filtration of dust and smoke deriving from many machining processes.

  • Designed for large machine tools and centralised application.
  • Available in 6 sizes
  • Automated Cleaning system to re-generate filtering elements


Unit tested

Losma grants that every single system is tasted through strict control procedures. Every unit is provided with a qualitative and functional test certificate.


Easy and quick maintenance

Access to filtering section is very easy and quick. Simply unlock and open the hinged door to access the filters, which can easily be extracted and replaced.


Long lasting filters

The automatic cleaning system grants long lasting filters.

Technical information

The filtration module has specially been conceived for the industrial sector, where its important features lie in sturdiness, reliability and easiness of running and maintenance. It is available in 3 sizes with flowrates ranging from 3.000 to 9.000 m3/h and with increasing filtration efficiency rates to reach 99,97%.


losma pascal operation

  • The air entry section, which connects the piping to the filter, consist in a large section which serves as a calming chamber (A).
  • The following area consists of a chamber which houses the filter elements, cartridge with folds (B) with a high filtration surface, with F9 efficiency of 95%, withholding the finer impurities.
  • These cartridges are kept in perfect conditions from a programmable electronic cleaning system using compressed air (C) for counter-washing, which monitors continuously ΔP and manage sequentially the opening of electro-valves and the consequent cleaning cycles conserving compressed air consumption, contained in the storage reservoir. The program controller is equipped with a visual display for the visualization of main functionalities and the alarm limit planning.
  • The horizontal positioning of the cartridges allows fast and quick maintenance, access to the filtration chamber is possible through a hinged door. Filter removal is easy, quick and clean, because the dirty chamber is separated from the clean section by a panel which also serves as a support structure for the filter elements. Dust is collected in a large tank (D), which can easily be moved with mechanical lift.

losma pascal options 

1. Absolute filter H13

To obtain a very high filtration level, 99,97% according to norm EN 1822. Particularly suitable for micro-mists and smokes.

2. C.A. After filter

Activated carbons for removal of odors from previously filtered air.


losma pascal 


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