Losma Magneto Magnetic Separator

Losma Magneto Magnetic Separator
Losma Magneto Magnetic Separator
Losma Magneto magnetic separator, magnetic particles separator, industrial coolant filtration, machine tool coolant filtration.

Losma Magneto is a magnetic separation system, which can be adapted and personalized thanks to its flexibles design.

  • Easy adaptable to customer requirements
  • Coolant can be channeled for maximum flowrate or maximum performance
  • Maximum efficiency due to Neodymium bars


Unit tested

Losma guarantees that every single unit is individually tested through strict control procedures. Each unit is issued a test certificate for quality and function.


Easy maintenance

Cleaning is very quick and easy, just remove from the liquid and slide the bars out of their position to discharge the waste.

eco friendly


Losma Magneto does not use electric power to operate or use consumable filters.

Technical information

Losma Magneto is made in stainless steel 304 and has permanent magnetic elements in Neodymium with a power of 5000 Gauss.



magneto operation


  • Losma Magneto separator has to be inserted in the clean coolant tank, in an area near to the pump, so that the liquid can pass through its magnetic bars
  • The maximum performance is obtained by channeling the coolant in a longitudinal way, with simple bulkheads.
  • The cleaning for the Losma Magneto separator is very quick and easy: Losma Magneto is removed from the liquid, slipping the bars out of their position and discharging the waste into a container.


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