Losma Skim Superficial Oil Eliminator

Losma Skim Superficial Oil Eliminator
Losma Skim Superficial Oil Eliminator
Losma Skim superficial oil eliminator, oil separator, industrial coolant filtration, machine tool coolant filtration.

Losma Skim is an eliminator of superficial oil, suitable to be used on every kind of basin or tank, thanks to its shape and building materials.

  • Available in two version: disc (Losma Skim D) or belt (Losma Skim N)
  • Can be used with any other filter of Losma‚Äôs product range.


Unit tested

Every single unit is individually tested through strict control procedures. Each unit is issued a test certificate for quality and function.

long lasting

Long lasting coolant

Losma Skim removes from the coolant surface the veil of light products, which do not mix with water and create a barrier preventing air from entering in contact with emulsion allowing the formation of anaerobic flora bacteria.

Technical information

Losma Skim is available in two versions: disc (Losma Skim D) or belt (Losma Skim N). This last version is suitable for reduced space and when the tank is not at full capacity.


skim operation

  • The disc/belt (A) is immersed into the liquid. Thanks to rotation the polluting agents stick to its surface and are dragged out.
  • During rotation the disc/belt meet two scrapers (B) fitted with a rubber rim which remove the film of polluting agents stuck to it and transport it outside by means of exit ducts (C).
  • Skim can be equipped with an electrical control board with the possibility of setting up a temporized working cycle.


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