Losma DMD Magnetic Separator

Losma DMD Magnetic Separator
Losma DMD Magnetic Separator
Losma DMD magnetic separator, magnetic particles separator, industrial coolant filtration, machine tool coolant filtration.

Losma DMD is a rotating discs magnetic separators for coolants used during industrial machining contaminated by magnetic particles. Losma DMD P was designed for flowrates over 600l/min of emulsion and 300l/min of neat oil  whose robust structure is suitable for big machine tools and centralized applications.

  • Losma DMD and Losma DMD P can be paired with any other filter of Losma‚Äôs product range.
  • Losma DMD and Losma DMD-P do not need any consumable filter.
  • Also available in stainless steel


Unit tested

Every single unit is individually tested through strict control procedures. Each unit is issued a test certificate for quality and function.

eco friendly


Magnetic particles separation is done without using consumable filters.

Technical information

Losma DMD series is available in 7 standard models for flowrates ranging from 50 to 400 l/min of emulsion and from 25 to 200 l/min of neat oil.


dmd operation

  • Contaminated coolant passes through the group of rotating magnetic discs (A), where magnetic particles are captured.
  • A scraping blade (B) removes the metallic particles from the rotating group, conveying them to the sludge chute (C) which collects the waste into a tank.
  • Clean oil is collected into a tank (D) and pumped back to the machine tool thanks to a dedicated pump, or is collected for a further process of fine filtration.



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