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Where there’s automation there’s Fanuc and John Hart

Where jobs are created, where profitability increases, where business expands, there’s Fanuc.

And when you are ready to move your manufacturing to the next level with robotic automation there’s John Hart.

Why John Hart? If you are looking for industrial automation solutions, you’ve come to the right place. At John Hart we pride ourselves in helping you achieve your manufacturing production goals while improving overall efficiency and profitability.

Since bringing the first ever Fanuc robot to Australia in 1983, John Hart has deployed close to 2,000 Fanuc robots into Australia’s manufacturing industry.

With a 40 year track record of providing world class robotic automation systems and a nationwide network of branches, John Hart is the best choice for fast, reliable and skilled robotic automation solutions. John Hart is also the only one-stop-shop for the complete range of Fanuc industrial robots in Australia.

John Hart can move your manufacturing to the next level with the following industrial robotic automation solutions:

Why Fanuc robots? With over 25 million automation products installed worldwide and over 37 years of industrial automation experience, more companies trust Fanuc robots for their automation needs.

John Hart has a Fanuc robot that will meet your specific needs including application, size, reach, payload capacity and speed.