Robotic assembly line automation

Robotic automation systems for assembly line applications

Discover the many benefits of working with John Hart Automation to add robotic automation to your assembly line.

John Hart is one of the longest established robotic automation companies in Australia, with a 40 year track record of providing world class robotic automation systems to Australian manufacturers.

With a nationwide network of branches including Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth and Sydney, John Hart is your best source for fast, reliable and skilled robotic automation solutions.

Fanuc robots for assembly line applications

John Hart Automation is also the only one-stop-shop for the complete range of Fanuc assembly line robots in Australia.

John Hart offers a variety of highly reliable Fanuc assembly robots that are dexterous, repeatable, compact and fast.

We have the perfect robot solution for your assembly line application:

  • Fanuc SCARA SR series robots
  • Fanuc M-1iA series robots
  • Fanuc M-2iA series robots
  • Fanuc M-3iA series robots
  • Fanuc LR Mate series robots
  • Fanuc M-10iD series robots
  • Fanuc M-20iB series robots
  • Fanuc M-20iD series robots
  • Fanuc CR Series collaborative robots
  • Fanuc CRX Series cobots

Click here to see the range of Fanuc robots we offer.

The Fanuc LR Mate 200iD 4S is an intelligent system which is very capable of handling complex assembly tasks.

Benefits of assembly line robotic automation

Robotic assembly lines are likely the main images people recall when they think of industrial robotic automation. The car manufacturing industry was the first industry to embrace robotic automation, utilising robots to increase capacity and improve quality in their manufacturing processes.

Assembly line automation reaches beyond automotive manufacturing, as there are more and more opportunities in manufacturing processes requiring the speed and precision without sacrificing quality and accuracy.

Robotic automation allows manufacturers to optimise workflow, increase capacity, and easily produce a wider range of products.

Robotic automation is also ideal for heavy lifting and repetitive motions which can cause injuries to people, and robots are immune to boredom and job dissatisfaction.

Increased assembly line throughput

  • High reliability, repeatability and uptime
  • Labour savings and improved ergonomics
  • Reduced scrap costs

Flexible and precise manufacturing assembly

  • High precision and consistent assembly with vision-guided robots
  • Quick changeover using tool changers and stored recipes
  • Fully programmable solutions and flexibility to adapt various part types
  • Process adjustments on-the-fly

Increased manufacturing quality

  • Minimise handling damage and scrap
  • Improve product consistency and accuracy