Robotic palletising systems

Robotic palletising solutions for increased speed and efficiency

With a 40 year track record of providing world class robotic automation systems and Fanuc robots to Australian manufacturers, John Hart Automation is the first robotic automation company in Australia you should be talking to about your robotic palletising needs.

John Hart designs and builds robotic palletising systems that deliver high duty and fast cycle times. Whether you are palletising a full layer or individual boxes, bags, pails or drums our robotic palletising systems are fast, steady, reliable and designed to make a big difference in your labour needs, time to market, and your bottom line.

Fanuc robots for palletising automation

John Hart offers the most extensive range of Fanuc palletising robots in Australia, with payload capabilities ranging up to 1,350kg.

Our full line of Fanuc palletising robots give you options in terms of size, payload, speeds for cycle time and precision and most importantly, care in handling your products.

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This John Hart Automation solution utilises a Fanuc M410iB/450 4-axis robot to palletise casks of wine from two individual cask filling lines, a 2 and 4 litre line and a 10 and 15 litre line simultaneously at a maximum rate of 249 cases per hour.

Advantages of robotic palletising systems

Smaller footprint

A robotic palletising system typically has a smaller footprint and that's valuable when you consider the cost of space in a manufacturing facility. A robotic palletising system also offers creative flexibility for installation in tight spaces.

Collaborative robot systems

When floor space and interaction with employees is high on the requirement list, a collaborative robot system is the best choice. With an ability to stop immediately upon contact, a collaborative robot solution eliminates the need for expensive and space-consuming safety fencing.


The end of arm tool offers great flexibility to handle multiple types of containers at a time, regardless of their shape. This includes cases, bags, pails, bottles, batteries, cubes of scrap metal, and plastic containers.


A robotic palletising system can handle one or more units at a time according to pallet configuration, and forms multiple layers on a pallet after picking the products off of a conveyor. Robotic palletising solutions can easily accommodate different pallet patterns and product types.


Robotic palletising systems can handle multiple infeeds of different SKUs on the same line. Vision systems can be used to send information to the robot so it can pick and place different SKUs on different pallets.

Secondary Functions

Whether it’s layer forming, slip sheet or pallet handling, the flexibility of robotic automation systems allows for the seamless execution of secondary functions.

Strong and fast

Robotic palletising systems can handle up to 1000 kg. Palletising rates can vary anywhere from 8 to 30 cases/min for a single robot picking a single product at a time depending on stacking patterns, requirements, and even higher throughput if the robot is picking rows of product, or full layer of products.