Robotic material removal and finishing

Robotic automation solutions for cutting, grinding, sanding, deburring and polishing

If you have a manufacturing challenge where robotic automation can help with a material removal process, John Hart Automation is one of the most experienced robotic automation companies in Australia.

We have been developing robotic automation systems that increase productivity and overall profitability for close to 40 years.

No matter how big or small your company is, John Hart Automation will work with you to understand your robotic finishing needs, then develop a robotic automation system to increase quality, speed and overall productivity.

Our robotic automation solutions cover an extensive variety of manufacturing finishing applications including robotic cutting, robotic deburring, robotic polishing, robotic grinding, robotic sanding, robotic drilling and robotic buffing.

Fanuc robots for material removal and finishing applications

John Hart offers the most extensive range of Fanuc robots in Australia. Whether you need robotic cutting systems, robotic deburring, polishing robots, grinding robots, robotic drilling or buffing your manufactured products or parts, John Hart has the finishing robot perfectly sized for your application, and also the technology required to put on the finest finishing touches. That’s because every Fanuc robot comes vision and force sensing-ready.

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Watch the Fanuc LR Mate 200iD robot deburr accurately and efficiently.

Robotic material removal and finishing benefits

Sanding, grinding, and other finishing and material removal jobs can be dangerous and pose serious hazards to people’s health and safety.

Using robotic automation solutions for these tasks improves safety by eliminating health hazards, while also providing manufacturers with a solution to the labour shortage problems often seen in these applications.

Robotic automation systems also reduce errors and product waste, while improving speed, precision and accuracy.