Robotic dispensing and sealing systems

Robotic automation systems for adhesive, glue, epoxy, urethane and automotive seam sealer dispensing

Apply adhesives, liquids and sealers with more precision, accuracy and efficiency using a robotic dispensing system from John Hart Automation.

John Hart offers the ideal solutions in robotic adhesive dispensing systems which require extreme precision and repeatability for a variety of sealants, adhesives, oils and gasketing materials used in a wide range of industries.

John Hart provides automation solutions for robotic dispensing ranging from smaller applications such robotic glue dispensing and robotic epoxy dispensing that require a compact, high speed robotic dispensing cell, to larger applications such as robotic seam sealer dispensing systems for automotive applications that require high reach and heavy payload solutions.

John Hart Automation is the only robotic company in Australia with the level of experience and expertise to develop a robotic automation solution to increase your productivity and overall profitability.

Fanuc robots for dispensing and sealing applications

John Hart offers a variety of Fanuc robots and Fanuc cobots that are ideal for dispensing systems which require extreme precision and repeatability for a variety of adhesives, sealers and liquids.

Ckick here to see the range of Fanuc robots we offer.

A Fanuc M-1iA robot uses iRVision to dispense glue onto an automotive part, and error proofing verifies that the dispense is present.

Using robotic dispensing systems provides a variety of advantages including:
  • Improved safety from hazardous work environments
  • Consistent application
  • Reduction of waste material
  • Higher speed performance and productivity enhancements
  • Increased system uptime