Robotic material handling

Solutions for robotic material handling applications

As one of the longest established robotic automation companies in Australia, John Hart Automation has the most experience in robotic material handling systems. John Hart has been providing world class robotic automation systems to Australian manufacturers since 1983.

From robotic pick and place to robotic dispensing, robotic palletising, robotic packaging, robotic machine tending or robotic assembly, John Hart offers automated material handling solutions to meet every need. We work at any scale, supplying easy-to-use standalone solutions or fully integrated systems that automate every material handling process from front to end of line. Robotic handling solutions from John Hart maximise your productivity by increasing throughput and extending operating times.

Fanuc robots for material handling applications

John Hart Automation offers the most extensive range of Fanuc material handling robots in Australia that are dexterous, repeatable, compact and fast.

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Due to the weight and jagged edges on these scrap aluminium bales, the manual handling is a health and safety risk, so John Hart Automation was approached to provide a robotic palletising solution for the handling of this packaging waste.

Benefits of robotic material handling systems

Material handling is a critical part of any manufacturing process. By adopting robotic automation for material handling tasks, manufacturers can improve productivity and efficiency while also reducing costs.


Integrating robotic automation solutions into a manufacturing facility can ensure safe material handling processes. Robotic material handling systems can help to prevent accidents by reducing the need for human intervention in tedious and potentially-dangerous tasks.

Consistency and repeatability

A well-designed automated material handling system can provide consistent and repeatable results. This is especially important in applications where precision is critical, such as when working with small parts.


Eliminating the need for manual handling can help to improve the accuracy of the material handling process. Robotic automation systems can place components with pinpoint accuracy, reducing the likelihood of errors.


Leveraging automation solutions can help to streamline the material handling process and increase efficiency. Robotic material handling systems can work around the clock, ensuring that tasks are completed quickly and efficiently.

Labour management

Maintaining a workforce for material handling tasks can be costly. One of the advantages of robotic material handling is the reduction of labour costs by limiting the need for manual labour in certain applications, limiting the number of human workers and reducing the risk of costly human error in the process.