Robotic Automation News

Meet our new Apprentice

We at John Hart are proud to be investing in the future of people seeking to work in Australian manufacturing, through apprenticeship programs as well as providing ongoing training for our staff. This commitment is at the core of our objective to provide advanced manufacturing technologies and world class support.

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John Hart a world class exporter

Since 1946, John Hart Pty Ltd has been a leader in supplying Australian manufacturers with the most innovative and advanced manufacturing technologies. Representing leading global brands such as Mazak and Fanuc, John Hart has been at the forefront of Machine Tool and Automation technology for decades.

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What you need to know about Collaborative Robots

Collaborative robots, or cobots, have been creating a buzz in the automation world in recent years. Many believe there’s just one solution for a collaborative robot system – that being a specialized non-industrial robot. The good news is there’s actually a variety of options to achieve a collaborative system. In fact, most traditional robots can become “collaborative” with extra safety devices and proper integration. Let’s examine options for collaborative robot operations.

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