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Meet the new Fanuc M-1000iA robot

Think big with Fanuc’s new M-1000iA heavy-payload material handling robot.

The Fanuc M-1000iA heavy-payload material handling robot, with a wrist payload of 1000 kg and a maximum reach of 3253 mm, can lift and manipulate heavy loads with more versatility.
  • 1,000kg payload with a reach of 3,253mm
  • Serial link mechanism rather than parallel link mechanism typical of heavy payload robots 
  • Wider range of motion - the arm can stand upright and rotate backwards

The Fanuc M-1000iA is the largest robot in Fanuc’s range to feature a serial link mechanism, rather than the parallel link mechanism typical of heavy payload robots. As a result, the Fanuc M-1000iA robot has a wider range of motion in both vertical and longitudinal directions, allowing the arm to stand upright and rotate backwards, which is impossible with parallel link robots. This capability provides users with extended versatility across a wide range of handling applications.

With the Fanuc M-1000iA robot, users can automate production lines and improve productivity in applications such as robotic palletising, robotic packaging, robotic machine tending and robotic assembly.

The robot is characterised by high rigidity and the strong performance of its wrist, which is IP67-rated to ensure protection against dust and splashes.

The Fanuc M-1000iA supports the latest R-30iB Plus control in addition to the conventional iPendant as a teaching device, while the intuitive, easy-to-use Tablet TP is also available. The Fanuc M-1000iA robot can also be configured with vision sensors and a wide range of intelligent functions that help improve flexibility.

The Fanuc M-1000iA robot also features a flip-over capability. This inherent versatility helps users to create more compact and flexible cells and helps to reduce the cycle time with shortened moving distance.

Click here to see the Fanuc M-1000iA specifications.