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Another Australian manufacturer leverages industrial automation to achieve superior performance

Another industrial automation project packed and ready to deliver to an Australian manufacturer - four large crates packed full of increased throughput and productivity.

industrial automation project ready for delivery

As one of the longest established robotic automation companies in Australia, John Hart Automation is your best source for fast, reliable and skilled manufacturing automation.

John Hart is also the only one-stop-shop for the complete range of Fanuc robots in Australia with a nationwide network of branches including Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth and Sydney.

If you are considering robotic automation for your manufacturing process, then we invite you to contact John Hart - one of Australia’s most experienced Robotics System Integrators, with a 40 year track record of providing world class industrial automation systems for a range of manufacturing applications including robotic assembly, robotic machine tending, robotic palletising, robotic packaging, robotic welding, robotic part transfer and robotic picking.