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Fanuc’s one millionth industrial robot

Fanuc recently celebrated a significant milestone in the automation industry with one million industrial robots installed worldwide.

1M Fanuc Robots

John Hart has deployed close to 2,000 Fanuc robots into Australia’s manufacturing industry, since bringing the first ever Fanuc robot to Australia in 1983.

Fanuc offers over 200 robot models that perform various tasks in manufacturing such as material handling, machine tending, palletising, assembly, packaging and welding, including collaborative robots which are gaining popularity as they can work alongside people without external safety fences.

Fanuc robots have been at the forefront of the worldwide manufacturing revolution, with robotic automation technology now deployed in a vast range of applications globally. With payload capabilities ranging from 0.5kg to 2,300kg, Fanuc robots are ideal for all industries including aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, food, metal fabrication, medical, pharmaceutical, and more.

With a 40 year track record of providing world class robotic automation systems and a nationwide network of branches, John Hart can help you with the right Fanuc robot for your industrial automation application whether it be robotic assembly, robotic dispensing and sealing, robotic palletising, robotic part transfer, robotic welding, robotic pick and pack or pick and place.

If you are considering robotic automation for your company, then we invite you to contact the largest and most dependable supplier of Fanuc robots and robotic automation in Australia, John Hart Pty Ltd.