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Fanuc CR series collaborative robots

With six cobot models to choose from, ranging from 4-35 kg in payload and 550-1813 mm in reach, Fanuc CR series collaborative robots offer MORE payload and MORE reach options than any other cobot brand.

Barriers to collaboration are a thing of the past, since Fanuc’s CR series collaborative robots safely work side-by-side with people without the need for safety fences. Fanuc cobots immediately stop after coming into contact with a person or fixed object thanks to proven safe contact stop sensor technology. What's MORE, Fanuc cobots allow for customizable speed and safety settings, allowing you the freedom to do MORE with shared workspaces. 

Fanuc cobots provide users with MORE control: Either break away from traditional programming with Fanuc Hand Guidance feature that allows you to teach your collaborative robot by leading it through paths and/or use it to lift heavy objects manually. Or program with new iHMI guides that provide step-by-step guidance for setting up a CR series cobot and creating programs, along with other wizards/tutorials to help new users. 

Despite its green exterior, Fanuc’s collaborative robots operate like any other traditional, yellow Fanuc robot: Able to provide MORE reliability and repeat the same movement multiple times at the exact same dexterity. This proven technology and reliability opens a world of possibilities to automate entire assembly operations in any industry such as automotive, packaging, distribution, metalworking and much more. 

As with all Fanuc robots, Fanuc's collaborative series can be equipped with any of Fanuc's intelligence features - Made by Fanuc, developed specifically for Fanuc robots, to give you MORE possibility for automating with cobots. Intelligence-ready features include Fanuc iRVision, 3D vision with Fanuc 3D Area Sensor, Fanuc Force Sensors, and much MORE

On packaging and palletising lines, Fanuc collaborative robots can be used to carry out dull, repetitive, dirty and dangerous handling tasks, freeing up staff to perform more complex and diversified jobs requiring human skills. 

Whether they are used to apply sealants, adhesives, paints or other fluids, Fanuc collaborative robots work side-by-side with people across a range of industries. 

Fanuc’s collaborative robots are used to lift and position heavy components on machining and assembly lines, preventing the risk of repetitive strain injuries among assembly line workers. The repeatability offered by using a Fanuc collaborative robot for these processes improves quality and reduces cycle times. 

Fanuc collaborative robots are ideally suited for machine tending applications that frequently require an operator’s presence. Fanuc collaborative robots can also carry out quality control checks as part of the handling process, eliminating the need for an additional workstation. 

John Hart Automation can help you with the right Fanuc collaborative robot for your industrial automation application whether it be robotic assembly, robotic dispensing and sealing, robotic palletising, robotic part transfer, robotic welding, robotic pick and pack or pick and place. Contact the largest and best supplier of Fanuc robots and robotic automation systems in Australia, John Hart Pty Ltd.

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