Robotic Automation Success Stories

John Hart Automation enables ResMed to manufacture at scale

The relationship between John Hart and ResMed started in 2007 when ResMed started investing in advanced manufacturing. ResMed, which was first established in Sydney in 1989, is today the #1 global manufacturer of connected medical devices for people with sleep apnoea, and a leading provider of connected devices for treating other chronic respiratory diseases.

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Easy to use CNC automation system

See just how easy it is to configure and run the CellPro CNC automation system.

CellPro is a pre-engineered robotic machine tending system for Mazak machines offering unrivalled ease of use, flexibility and efficiency.

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Sutton Tools: Achieving continued success through ongoing automation

As the key player, Australian-owned tooling developers, Sutton Tools, requires no introduction. Since their inception in 1917 they have proven to be great pioneers, adopting and developing new technologies to improve the efficiency of cutting tools and their manufacture, including the latest coating technologies. As part of this ongoing development, Sutton Tools has invested heavily in the use of robotics.

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Robots – more affordable than you think

With the state of the current global economy, the manufacturing industry has faced some of the toughest challenges in recent memory. With global machinery sales down significantly, declining exports, rising unemployment, coupled with increasing globalisation and cheap foreign imports, the Australian manufacturer can be excused for thinking the whole world is against him.

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Top 5 reasons to automate

There are many reasons why manufacturers and businesses choose to automate processes and production. here at John hart Automation & Robotics, we have identified five of the top reasons why you should automate today.

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