Robotic Automation Success Stories

CellPro CNC Automation for LMC Workholding

John Hart CellPro Modular Machine Tending cell in action at LMC Workholding, Logansport Indiana.

Automated Turning Cell increases machining productivity using standard and special workholding products from LMC Workholding.

The modular pallet system, which can be changed over quickly between parts, presents parts weighing up to 350lbs to the Fanuc R2000iB-250F 6 Axis Robot.

Fitted with twin 3 jaw grippers, the robot is able to pick raw castings from the pallet in addition to finished parts from the Mazak resulting in efficient load/unload times.

Previously performed manually, the CellPro Machine Tending System frees up the existing operator to oversee four CNC machines at once.

With the new flexibility and the ability to run lights-out production, LMC Workholding have been able to increase their production to capacity to more than 5000 parts per month.