Robotic Automation Success Stories

Top 5 reasons to automate

There are many reasons why manufacturers and businesses choose to automate processes and production. here at John hart Automation & Robotics, we have identified five of the top reasons why you should automate today.

Five Reasons to Automate

24-7 Lights out operation Operating staff can work one, sometimes two 8 hour shifts a day. An intelligent robot from John Hart Automation & Robotics can work continuously for up to 24 hours a day, significantly increasing your productivity and profitability.
No sick leave or annual leave Annual leave and sick leave are a great expense to employers. Robots do not take annual leave, robots do not get sick. Save your business money and productivity by automating your processes today.
OH&S issues are removed Manufacturing can be dangerous work. Operating machinery is often a hazardous task for human operators and a headache for business owners. Remove the risk for your staff and save yourself the trouble with an automated robotic solution from John Hart Automation & Robotics. 
Reduced operating costs Robotic systems can easily reduce manufacturers operating costs by extending operating hours without additional labour and reducing rework and scrap rates commonly associated with tedious tasks. 
Improved process quality and consistency Fanuc intelligent robots can perform repetitive tasks with an accuracy and repeatability no human could match.