Frequently Asked Questions about MazaCAM Software

If I have different Mazatrol control types on my shop floor, do I need to buy separate modules of MazaCAM for my different control types?

MazaCAM comes standard supporting the broad line of Mazak controls: T1, T2, M2, T3, T32, M32, T+, M+, Fusion-640M, Fusion-640T, Fusion-640MT, Fusion-640M-Pro, MT-Pro, Matrix, Smart and the Smooth control. So you are set with MazaCAM to support all your controls, and you do not get charged per control type (call for details on this).

Do I need to purchase a CAD/CAM system in addition to MazaCAM?

No, unlike other off-line programming packages for Mazatrol, the full MazaCAM system is a complete CAD/CAM system. It has all the features one needs to draw or edit CAD files and to assign the tooling and generate Mazatrol and G-Code programs.

What kind of G-Code does MazaCAM output, and to which controls?

G-Code generated by MazaCAM is post-processed to output edit-free code for virtually any CNC control (including, but not limited to Fanuc, Fadal, Yasnac, Haas, Okuma, Anilam, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Prototrak, Mazak EIA/ISO, Heidenhain, Dynapath, Acramatic, Bandit, Bridgeport, etc.). Our post-processors are fully user-configurable, so one can customize his own post-processor to his preferences from within MazaCAM. Also see our diagram illustrating a typical set-up of a shop with Mazak and non-Mazak CNCs.

Does MazaCAM provide an off-line Mazatrol editor where I can write my programs off-line?

Yes, MazaCAM does provide the user with an off-line Mazatrol Editor. This editor can be used to either create a program from scratch, or to load in existing programs to be edited. The Editor provides one with the standard Mazatrol set of commands. The Mazatrol appears similar to that on the Mazatrol control, but as the Mazatrol Editor is Windows® based, it takes full advantage of Windows features such as pop-up menus and copy-and-paste capabilities. It also gives the user the ability to plot the shape of the part he is programming. For more information please see our Mazatrol Editor page.

What versions of Windows can MazaCAM run under?

MazaCAM runs under Windows® XP, Windows® Vista, and Windows® 7.
It also runs under Windows® 8, 8.1 and 10, but these are not recommended due to bugs that the major graphics-card companies have with their drivers. Windows® 7 is recommended.

Will MazaCAM run on my network?

MazaCAM runs on a standard Windows network. If you have a different network please give us a call at (408) 249-1529.

Will MazaCAM work with my DNC system?

Different DNC systems have different ways of supporting the Mazatrol protocol, and the communications thereof. MazaCAM will work with all major DNC systems. It can automatically 'sense' which format you are trying to read in (such as Predator or Greco Systems) and will automatically import that file.

Will MazaCAM read existing Mazatrol programs, even if they were saved in other formats?

Yes, MazaCAM reads existing Mazatrol programs including Mazak's Microdisk format (via the serial port), the Fusion Floppy Disk format as well as Mazatrol programs saved in other software formats, such as Griffo, Shoplink, etc.

Does MazaCAM support my Mazak's probing (MMS)?

Yes, MazaCAM supports your Mazak's probes.

Does MazaCAM support my C and Y-axis lathes, such as my Integrex?

Yes, MazaCAM is capable of handling lathes with a C and/or Y-axis (live tooling). MazaCAM also supports dual-spindle and sub-spindle lathes, and even can transfer workpieces between spindles.

Why is MazaCAM sometimes referred to as Geopath CAD/CAM?

Sometimes MazaCAM gets referred to as Geopath, or SolutionWare. The company that developed MazaCAM is called SolutionWare Corporation. SolutionWare's main product is the Geopath CAD/CAM system. We at SolutionWare developed a set of advanced Mazatrol utilities that plug straight into our Geopath CAD/CAM system, giving the user a complete CAD/CAM system that is also capable of handling Mazatrol. Geopath CAD/CAM with the Mazatrol utilities plugged into it is called MazaCAM.

Does MazaCAM come with post-processors, and if so, how many?

MazaCAM comes standard with one user-configurable 'universal' post-processor and two post-processors from our library for your machines. The universal post-processor can be configured (from within the system) by the user to output G-Code exactly how the user wants it. The universal post-processor may be duplicated to create multiple different post-processors. If requested, custom post-processors for more complex machine tools are programmed by SolutionWare for a fee, call us for details. Additional post-processors can also be provided for a fee, the amount of the fee depends if the post-processor is straight off-the-shelf, tweaked to fit your specifications, or programmed from scratch -- call for details on pricing. When one has different Mazaks with different controls, MazaCAM automatically outputs Mazatrol to all your controls (see all the Mazatrol controls that we support) for no extra charge, however EIA/ISO output requires post-processors as described above.

Can MazaCAM take in CAD files from other systems, such as Pro-Engineer, Unigraphics, AutoCAD, Solid Works and Catia?

Many companies that use MazaCAM run into situations where they work with an Engineering Department, or have customers that use other systems such as Pro-E. Without MazaCAM you need to get a drawing and program the part on the control, but MazaCAM is capable of directly importing IGES and DXF files, output by virtually any other system. So in this case, instead of programming the part of a drawing, a CAD file can be imported into MazaCAM and all that needs to be done is assign the cutter information, and one can go straight to either Mazatrol or G-Code. The amount of time and money saved, by this simple technique alone, more than justifies the cost of MazaCAM.

When I purchase MazaCAM, what do I do about training?

When you purchase MazaCAM, training classes can be attended free of charge at our facility on San Jose, CA, as long as your company is under a valid service agreement. Training can be attended by those employees of SolutionWare customers that will be using the MazaCAM system. Training is also provided through local representatives, but call for pricing and to find out where the SolutionWare software representative nearest you is located.

Does MazaCAM have an annual service agreement?

Yes, MazaCAM does have an annual service agreement, call us for pricing information and details. The service agreement covers issues such as tech support, training, free upgrades and updates, help with post-processors, etc. Also, when purchasing MazaCAM you will be automatically covered by a 90-day service agreement.

With MazaCAM, can I machine splines using Mazatrol?

When one has to work with splines, for instance from an IGES file, Mazatrol itself is not capable of machining a spline, however MazaCAM has a feature that it can simplify a spline called 'Geometry Simplication'. Geometry Simplification automatically converts splines to lines and arcs. Now you can machine this using Mazatrol, additionally it also significantly reduces program length when dealing with G-code programs.