MazaCAM System Features

Here is an overview of some of the features MazaCAM offers to Mazak users. Please call the number below to receive literature on all of MazaCAM's capabilities, or to receive a demonstration to see how MazaCAM can significantly increase your shop's efficiency.

Upload & download programs

Upload and download Mazatrol programs to and from the Mazatrol control, using MazaCAM's communications features. Thus, you can store existing Mazatrol programs on your PC's hard drive for later use and keep your control's memory freed up.

Mazatrol editing & data entry

Using the Mazatrol Editor, write new Mazatrol programs from scratch, or edit existing ones on your own PC or laptop.

Convert cad to Mazatrol and G-Code

Convert popular CAD formats, such as DXF, IGES, and CAD formats to Mazatrol and G-code. NOTE: The G-code generated by MazaCAM is post-processed to output edit-free G-code for specific controls (such as Fanuc, Yasnac, Mazatrol EIA, Okuma OSP, etc.)

Draw new, or edit existing cad files

Draw CAD files from scratch, or edit existing ones with a full featured CAD system and then output those to Mazatrol and G-code.

Program a part once and output to both G-Code and Mazatrol

Don't waste time by double programming your parts. Just program your part once, and then output both G-code and Mazatrol. This alone saves large amounts of programming time.

Convert Mazatrol to G-Code

Take existing Mazatrol programs, or write new ones, and simply convert them to G-code, post-processed to output edit-free G-code. This can be Mazak EIA/ISO or any other G-code controls, such as Okuma OSP, Fadal, Fanuc, etc. See our diagram that illustrates this.

Works with most Mazatrol controls

Supports the broad line of Mazak controls (including T1, T2, M2, T3, T32, M32, T+, M+, Fusion-640M, Fusion-640T, Fusion-640MT, Fusion-640MT-Pro, Matrix, Smart, and Smooth control) from the early T1 to modern Nexus and e-Machine -- call for details.

Convert Mazatrol programs between control kinds

You can even convert your existing Mazatrol program from one generation to another whether old or new. Make your newer Mazaks upwards and backwards compatible. MazaCAM will convert newer Mazak’s programs to old ones or vice versa for both Mills and Lathes. For example: take your existing T1 Mazatrol program and convert to a Matrix-T, or your T3 Integrex program and convert it to your Matrix e-Machine.

Print Mazatrol programs

MazaCAM lets you print out your Mazatrol programs for easy reference.

Geometry simplification

The Mazatrol language is not capable of using splines, so when dealing with DXF and IGES files that contain splines, MazaCAM can automatically convert splines to lines and arcs so that these two can be converted to Mazatrol.

Backplot Mazatrol to an editable CAD file

Take existing Mazatrol files and backplot them to an editable CAD file. This also automatically imports all tool data.