Mazatrol Off-line Editor

Create and Edit Mazatrol Programs on your computer

plot shape rcd

MazaCAM also includes the Mazatrol Off-line Editor. The Editor lets users write new, or edit existing Mazatrol programs, in Mazatrol. Because the Mazatrol Editor is a Windows® based application, it takes full advantage of the Windows® features such as copy/paste and pop-up menus. Some features the Editor gives the user are additional to those on the Mazatrol control. Here is a brief overview of the Mazatrol Editor:

  • Cut and Paste between programs:
    • individual lines
    • a Mazatrol process-unit
    • a shape
    • the entire program
  • Insert lines:
    • like the Mazak
    • before the current line (unlike the Mazak)
    • after the current line (unlike the Mazak)
  • Plot the part shape, similar to 'shape check' on the Mazatrol control, except the Editor automatically highlights the geometry of the part you have placed the cursor at.
  • Pop-Up Menus prompt you through the programming process.
  • Scroll Bars help you navigate swiftly through your program, instead of only 'up' and 'down' buttons.
  • Mazatrol Prompting helps you write your Mazatrol program by defining what data is needed for the field you are entering the value for.
  • Backplot Mazatrol programs to a Geopath CAD file, at this point the program is converted as geometry in a CAD file with tooling information. At this point the CAD file can be output as G-code for other machines*. (*A full MazaCAM package with the CAD/CAM is required to do this.)