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Even more boost for Turbosmart

Turbosmart, a world leading Australian designer and manufacturer of turbo accessories has added two more Mazak Integrex multi-tasking machines to their manufacturing capability.

Another Mazak Integrex j 200S for Turbosmart

John Hart has delivered another Mazak Integrex j-200S and another Mazak Integrex i-200S to Turbosmart, adding up to 5 new Mazak Integrex machines that Turbosmart has invested in within the last 3 years.

The Mazak Integrex j-200S multi-tasking machine brings maximum value, precision and throughput to the production of complex medium-sized workpieces, making use of two turning spindles and a milling spindle to productively process parts complete in single setups. In addition to its cost-effective, yet high-performance turning and angular milling capabilities, the Integrex j-200S also offers automatic tool changing, a large machining area and convenient operation to meet a wide variety of production requirements.

Fitting into most facilities with its space-saving footprint, the Mazak Integrex i-200S multi-tasking machine productively turns, drills, taps and mills, while offering off-centerline and full simultaneous 5-axis contouring. The machine falls within Mazak’s done-in-one concept as it incorporates all processes from raw material input through final machining in a single setup. As such, the Integrex i-200S reduces production lead times, improves machining accuracy and lowers operating expenses.

Mazak delivery for Turbosmart

Lifting a Mazak into place at Turbosmart

Another Mazak Integrex i 200S for Turbosmart

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