CNC Machine Tools Success Stories

Turbosmart - engineering to win with Mazak Integrex

John Hart has delivered a brand new Mazak Integrex j-200S to Turbosmart, a world-leading Australian manufacturer of high performance turbo accessories. Their third Mazak Integrex in a little over 2 years.

Integrex j 200S delivery for Turbosmart

From humble beginnings in a small Sydney factory to becoming the most sought-after global brand designing and manufacturing award winning turbo accessories and exporting to more than 50 countries, Turbosmart certainly live up to their maxim “engineered to win”.

Likewise, ensuring they're continuously producing the highest quality blow-off valves, wastegates, boost controllers, gauges, pressure regulators, and hoses requires a manufacturing capability that is “engineered to win”.

Therefore the addition of another Mazak Multi-Tasking machine to their machine shop, a Mazak Integrex j-200S delivers maximum value, precision and throughput to Turbosmart for the production of complex workpieces, running up to 7000 hours per annum. It makes use of two turning spindles and a milling spindle to productively process parts complete in single setups.

In addition to its cost-effective, yet high-performance turning and angular milling capabilities, the machine also offers automatic tool changing, high speed programme processing and execution, a compact footprint, easy access for setting, a large machining area and convenient operation to meet a wide variety of production requirements.

Integrex j 200S being craned into Turbosmart