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Introducing the Mazak FJW-100/160 vertical machining center

Enabling high-power machining and 5 face machining of large-sized workpieces

Mazak FJW 100 160 

The Mazak FJW-100/160 is a double-column vertical machining center suitable for large-sized workpieces that require 5 face machining such as parts used in semiconductor production equipment and other industrial machines.

Equipped with a 6000 rpm high torque 828 Nm (611 ft·lbs) spindle, the machining center can handle the heavy-duty cutting of steel, cast iron, etc.

In addition to the high rigidity double-column structure, powerful machining can be performed by utilizing slide ways on Y-axis and Z-axis with high rigidity and minimized vibration.

A column height 1.65m (64.96") is realised with simultaneous operation of high rigidity ram and cross rail lift, enabling high-precision and high-efficiency machining of thin or thick large-sized workpieces.

A wide variety of functions such as multipoint ATC, which reduces ATC time by non-W-axis positioning requirements, and convenient conversational program for 5 face machining are available to improve productivity of large-sized workpieces.

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