Mazak FJW-100/160

Mazak FJW-100/160
Process integration by 5 face machining / Large workpiece capacity/ High-power machining
  • 90°angle attachment tool for four face machining - standard equipment
    (5°indexing machining performed by EIA / ISO program)
  • 6000 rpm spindle, 26 kW and 828 N・m (611ft・lbs) for high-power machining
  • Column height 1650mm (64.96") by utilizing cross rail with W-axis control
Angle head attachment

Automatic load / unload of angle head attachment, as well as automatic tool change (index 72 potions, every 5°) can be performed, allowing for automatic continuous machining as well as top face machining. (72 posion indexing per 5° performed by EIA / ISO program)

Mazak FJW 100160 angle attachment

High torque 6000 min-1(rpm) spindle

Optional 6000 rpm high torque 828 N・m (611ft・lbs) (40% ED) spindle for heavy duty machining of steel or cast iron.

Mazak FJW 100160 top face machining

Mazak FJW 100160 side surface machining


Column height 1.65 m (64.96") by simultaneous operation of ram (Z-axis stroke of 0.8 m (31.5") and cross rail (W-axis) for tall workpiece machining.

Mazak FJW 100160 W axis

Machine Specifications
Mazak FJW-100/160 Specifications Values
Capacity Table Right/Left 4000 mm / 157.480 in
Table Longitudinal 2000 mm / 78.740 in
Spindle Spindle Taper No.50
Maximum Speed 6000 rpm
Magazine Number of Tools 50
Feed Axes Travel (X Axis) 4250 mm / 167.32 in
Travel (Y Axis) 3200 mm / 125.98 in
Travel (Z Axis) 800 mm / 31.50 in