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New Variaxis C-600 offers easy entry to Multi-tasking with next generation Mazak CNC control

The Mazak VARIAXIS C-600 vertical machining center represents a solid first step into simultaneous 5-axis machining that eases manufacturers into the technology thanks to the MAZATROL SmoothAi CNC.

The MAZATROL SmoothAi CNC provides advanced programming functions for approachable ease of use and repeatable high-accuracy performance.

The next generation of MAZATROL Smooth CNC technology, the MAZATROL SmoothAi control and associated software packages deliver powerful digital enhancements that add efficiency and value throughout the machining process with the power of artificial intelligence (Ai), machine learning and advanced data management technology.

The control incorporates a wide variety of advanced programming functions that allow it to offer complete ease of use and ensure high-speed, high-accuracy machining performance. For example, the VARIAXIS C-600 employs Mazak’s SmoothAi Spindle function, featuring AI adaptive control that suppresses milling spindle chatter by intelligently adjusting cutting technology based on feedback from sensors built into the machine.

Another MAZATROL SmoothAi function, Ai Thermal Shield ensures stable machining accuracy through machine-learning-enhanced heat displacement compensation.

The Mazak VARIAXIS C-600 is characterised by its highly agile performance, with no compromise on rigidity. The compact machine, capable of machining workpieces up to Ø730 mm x H450 mm and 500 kg in weight, has been designed with a large machining envelope and a high-rigidity structure featuring a Ø600 mm fully supported trunnion table with roller gear cam on the B- and C-axes.

Exceptional high-speed performance is delivered with 42 m/min rapid traverse rates in the X-,Y- and Z-axes, and a chip-to-chip time of just 4.5 seconds to reduce non-cutting time for faster cycle times.

The machine’s high-rigidity spindle can perform heavy-duty cutting of steel, as well as the high-speed machining of other non-ferrous materials such as aluminium, as it can be configured with four different spindle options. These range from a 12,000 rpm standard spindle, up to 15,000 rpm high-torque option, or 18,000 rpm high-speed and 20,000 rpm high-power spindles. In addition, the new VARIAXIS features a 30-tool magazine as standard, complete with double arm automatic tool changer which can drastically reduce chip-to-chip times. Alongside this standard specification, 60, 90 and 120 tool magazine options also available.