hyperMILL Solids: Efficient Solid Modeling

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The Solids module

The optional hyperMILL Solids (formerly hyperCAD-S Solids) allows the user to work with solid models. hyperMILL Solids offers an innovative approach to direct modeling.

Direct modeling in hyperMILL involves first selecting the faces or features of a solid. The programmer can then modify the shape and position of the faces of a solid model in real time by simply dragging handles and manipulators. The best thing is that direct modeling works with native data as well as with imported data. Feature data can be created without any parametrics. Direct modeling in hyperMILL Solids module represents real progress for CAM users.

More productive and flexible

The hyperMILL Solids module allows all solids to be reliably imported, created, converted, modified, and combined. When work is carried out in the CAD system, chamfers and fillets are recognized directly as features. The available features and functions help the CAM programmer work with surfaces and solids more productively and flexibly. hyperMILL Solids makes working with solids noticeably easier and much more intuitive.

Features of hyperMILL Solids