hyperMILL Mesh: Quick Preparation of Polygon Meshes

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The Mesh module

Polygon meshes comprise the initial data of 3D surface scanners, as used in reverse engineering. hyperMILL Mesh (formerly hyperCAD-S Mesh) is a module that allows meshes to be quickly prepared for CAM programming and NC milling.

Some of the diverse uses of 3D surface scanners include forged and cast parts, clay models and moulds. 3D scanners offer precise, high-resolution, full views of 3D objects, generally with a large amount of data.

Preparing meshes for milling

The main task of the CAM programmer is to prepare meshes in such a way that a perfect basis for milling is created very quickly. To achieve optimal milling results, any mesh deviations must be repaired immediately. It may also be necessary to perform metrological analyses and checks. hyperMILL Mesh provides the CAM programmer with numerous functions to help them conveniently prepare meshes for milling.

hyperMILL Mesh Functions