CNC Machine Tools Success Stories

Highly SKILLed Mazak VCN-700D

SKILL Engineering Pty Ltd adds a Mazak VCN-700D to their Mazak fleet.

Mazak VCN 700D for Skill Engineering Pty Ltd

SKILL Engineering Pty Ltd taking delivery of their new Mazak VCN-700D

Established in 2013, the SKILL Engineering Pty Ltd team boasts over 24 years’ experience in the Australian and international manufacturing industries.

The Cranbourne West, Victoria specialist CNC machining provider’s philosophy is simple: maintain and practice their passion for precision in everything they do.

Their investment in a highly capable vertical machining center, the Mazak VCN-700D is testimony to the professionalism, expertise, and consistency that has earned SKILL Engineering a world class reputation for quick, cost-effective, and high-quality parts production.

The Mazak VCN-700D brings advanced technology, performance and value to high-speed, heavy-torque machining applications. The machine features a traditional C-frame design, vibration-dampening, rigid base and headstock/column castings for extreme stability. A 40-taper spindle provides an effective and productive balance of speed and torque for heavy-duty and high-speed cutting of aluminium and other non-ferrous materials.

The largest machine in the VCN series, the VCN-700D features a 1,530mm x-axis stroke and a 700mm y-axis stroke, and SKILL Engineering upgraded their machine to the high speed (18,000rpm) spindle option.

The Mazak VCN-700D is equipped with a servo-driven automatic tool change system (ATC) for fast and reliable operation. Tool changes on the machine occur in 2.9 seconds to significantly reduce non-cut times and get spindles back in the cut in the shortest times possible.