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Torrens Engineering go big with a Mazak Integrex e-670H

Tony Mingorance of Torrens Engineering, who recently purchased a Mazak Integrex e-670H, made an investment not just in capital equipment but in the future of his company.

Torrens Engineering

Torrens Engineering, a fast growing engineering company from South Australia, focuses on complex precision machining. Over the past few years, they’ve grown aggressively due to their reputation for hard work and high quality.

The Mazak Integrex e-670H was purchased due to a growing requirement for larger work pieces. Tony explains, “We were being asked to do work which was a little bit beyond the size of our machinery, and whilst we could do the work there was the safety aspect to consider as well as the efficiency and quality factors involved with putting work on machines which aren’t suitable.”

“As a result of the new Mazak Integrex e-670H, we are no longer knocking back larger work. We are now able to do it in a safe manner, rigidity is not a problem, work holding is not a problem, and we can mill and turn over 4.3 meters.”

As with the rest of the Mazak Integrex machines owned by Torrens, the new Mazak Integrex e-670H has been popular with the operators and as Tony points out, “because the machines are both lathes and mills, the only thing that limits the operators is their imagination.”

Torrens purchased their first Integrex in 2006. Since then Tony has been very vocal about the benefits, “You don’t realise how much more effective and efficient an Integrex style machine is compared with a lathe or mill. Moving the tool carousel to the back of the machine and the inclusion of the milling spindle streamline the operation of the machine and having to worry about interference on a turret are a thing of the past; there are no tools above or below the present tool so you just have to worry about the z axis.”

The beauty of the Mazak Integrex range is its ability to process a part with one setup, which brings with it many benefits including increased accuracy, cycle time and the ability to turn and mill at will. Torrens have utilised these advantages wherever possible, stating, “The machines work for us. Complicated parts can be done quickly, easily and in one setup.”

While purchasing a machine like the Mazak Integrex e-670H is a considerable investment, not staying ahead of the technology curve in order to develop unique capabilities, increase capacity and become more competitive can be significantly more costly.

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