CNC Machine Tools Success Stories

ACIM packs a punch with a Mazak Quick Turn Smart 350M

ACIM is a small, but focussed and growing business run by Anthony Coleman with his wife Lisa. ACIM has developed a range of “down-the-hole” products for mining applications which are creating a distinctive stir within the industry.



The interest in their product stems from their innovative design which has been completed in-house by Anthony and the production quality, which they pride themselves on. Their product regularly out performs larger and more established competitors and it has all been made possible by their new Mazak Quick Turn Smart 350M.

“At ACIM, we manufacturer inflatable packers, down-hole tools and hydraulic fracturing systems, initially, we had only one or two customers, but our customer base has grown quite rapidly. We now service mining companies for hard rock, coal mining companies, a few customers with coal seam gas, and we have entered the market in Chile, as well.” Says Anthony.

When quizzed on the reason for the initial purchase, Anthony responds, “It is necessary for us to be able to respond quickly to our client’s requests, and customise production to suit their needs. The Quick Turn will drive our development further, improve our designs, enable testing, and allow us to complete it all in-house.”

Anthony points out, “Programming was the main reason we settled on a Mazak. It has proved to be very easy to learn and being a small business we wanted to make parts straight away. John Hart showed us how to get the jobs started and we became comfortable using the machine quicker than expected.”

Following the implementation of the new Mazak Quick Turn, ACIM have been able to change their production processes, enabling the business to cut costs and process jobs quicker.

The changes in their production process have opened the door for new product designs and ventures, which before the Quick Turn were too expensive to produce. Producing product in-house has allowed ACIM to remain price competitive, while driving development and maintaining production quality.

The future looks bright for ACIM and the Mazak Quick Turn Smart looks to play a major role in their growth as a company.

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