CNC Machine Tools Success Stories

Revving up production with a Mazak Quick Turn Nexus 250MSY-II

Mazak Quick Turn Nexus 250MSY-II nets great production improvements for local manufacturer.

Long time customer of John Hart and Mazak, Redline Engineering in Moorabbin (VIC), are local leaders in the prototyping and manufacture of high quality, cost effective repetition components for the automotive, medical, mining, defence, fire protection and public transport industries.


Redline Engineering

With seven Mazak CNC machines installed at Redline, Director Ken Stuart clearly appreciates the value of investing in high quality, advanced CNC machinery. Hoping to increase his competitive position in the market by offering faster turn around times on parts while meeting the changing demands of customers, Ken knew it was time to invest in a new model machine that would cut cycle times, costs and broaden the scope of Redline’s manufacturing capability.

With experience and confidence in his existing Mazak machines, the decision to install an 8th CNC machine was pretty simple. In consultation with John Hart’s engineers, Ken explained that he was looking for “the best all-round package solution that would meet the challenging manufacturing requirements of our customers.” In this case, the best all-round package for Redline was the Mazak Quick Turn Nexus 250MSY-II lathe with Matrix control.

This best selling latest generation lathe featuring a Y axis and on/off centre milling on the additional 2nd spindle (with C axis option) provides the necessary ‘Done-In-One’ processing capability needed to machine an ‘air filtration head unit’ part in one setup (see pictured).

This part was originally completed on a lathe and a vertical machining centre in three operations, totalling 12 minutes machining time, an overall turn around time of four weeks for a batch of 500. Since the installation of the new QTN250MSY-II, Redline have cut the machining time down to a single seven minute operation, with a two week turnaround time from purchase of the material to despatch of the 500 finished parts, whilst bringing the cost down substantially.

No. of Operations 3 ↓ 1
Machining time ↓ 41%
Turn around time ↓ 50%
Cost ↓ 45%

The Mazak is delivering the kind of improvements needed to increase overall manufacturing capacity, whilst affording Redline the ability to improve their levels of service, thanks to the machine’s reliability, flexibility and faster job turn around. The easy to use Mazatrol Matrix controller allows for new jobs to be programmed in minutes, so jobs on the machine can be changed over swiftly without halting the shop’s production.

The successful partnership between Redline and John Hart has been established on their adoption of the world class technology provided by Mazak and the strong training and on going support from John Hart. This partnership will continue in the years to come, as Ken explained, “we are continuing to maintain our position as one of the leading contract manufacturers by installing this ‘state-of-the-art’ CNC technology, which is benefitting both existing and new customers alike.”