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Large delivery of Mazak precision and performance for D&T Hydraulics

D&T Hydraulics and Engineering have invested in one of Mazak’s biggest machines, a Mazak Integrex e-670H.

Large Mazak Integrex for D and T Hydraulics and Engineering

D&T Hydraulics and Engineering are market leaders in hydraulic cylinder repairs and re-manufacturing components. Based in Mackay, the company services the agriculture and mining industry throughout Queensland and Australia.

D&T is a local family owned business that has grown from a 1-man operation in 1981, to employing over 120 staff today.

The company’s manufacturing facility boasts 13 acres of hardstand and over 7000m2 of workshop space. The kind of space required to house one of Mazak’s biggest heavy hitters, the Integrex e-670H multi-tasking machining center.

Mazak's Integrex e-670H full combination turning and machining center is the manufacturing industry's most advanced CNC multi-tasking machine, delivering DONE-IN-ONE precision and performance for heavy, large-diameter, shaft-type workpieces across a range of difficult to machine materials.

D&T’s Integrex e-670H boasts a 1,070mm maximum machining diameter and a 4,047mm maximum machining length for workpieces weighing up to 3,000 kg.

Mazak Integrex e 670H being craned in at D and T Hydraulics and Engineering

The Mazak Integrex e-670H is equipped with a high-output integral spindle motor featuring two gear ranges for a wide scope of heavy-duty machining applications. A drop-worm system with the same positioning accuracy as a machining center rotary table drives the the C-axis (0.0001-degree increments).

The high performance milling spindle is a C8 taper, single spindle turret with automatic tool changer. D&T have optioned their Integrex e-670H with a 5,000 rpm high torque milling spindle. A heavy-duty roller gear cam makes up the framework of the machine's B-axis that provides milling spindle indexing or contouring and maximum tool point agility.

A fully programmable, servo driven, steady rest and tailstock ensure safe and accurate machining of long workpieces.

D&T have also optioned their Mazak Integrex e-670H with a 160 tool magazine and the long boring bar system.

Mazak Integrex e 670H for D and T Hydraulics and Engineering