CNC Machine Tools Success Stories

Heavy-duty Mazak investment for G&O Kert

Taking a further step to broaden its world-class market offering, Queensland based G&O Kert has invested in a state-of-the-art heavy-duty CNC turning centre, the Mazak Slant Turn 550M.

GO Kerts new Mazak Slant Turn 550M

G&O Kert's Managing Director Ian Melville with his new Mazak Slant Turn 550M.

The Mazak Slant Turn 550M is a powerful, heavy-duty, high torque, big-bore turning center for large part turning applications, such as oil field pipe /casings, pipeline control valves, turbine, components and aircraft engine parts. 

The Mazak Slant Turn 550M is ideally suited to the cutting of large, long shaft workpieces up to 5,690mm in length and Ø910mm.

Linear roller guides on the X- and Z-axes provide a high level of rigidity during the cutting process, while the machine tool is able to process a broad range of difficult-to-machine materials thanks to its high-power 45kW 1000 rpm main spindle.

The machine also offers rotary tool capability for secondary drilling and milling operations on centerline.

This investment is the latest in a series of very recent purchases from John Hart including two Mazak Quick Turns, a Mazak Integrex as well as an Agile Flex CNC automation system.

G&O Kert continues to invest heavily in world-class equipment, with an emphasis on machines that offer the flexibility and capability to take on more advanced machining work.

Mazak Slant Turn 550M delivery for GO Kert