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QMN’s manufacturing gets DONE IN ONE

QMN Manufacturing has taken delivery of a Mazak Multiplex W-300Y with the optional Mazak GL200 gantry loader system.

QMNs Mazak Multiplex W 300Y

The Mazak Multiplex W-300Y is considered to be the industry’s most productive in terms of DONE IN ONE part processing capabilities.

Designed for single-setup, mid to high volume production and  continuous operations, the Mazak Multiplex W-300Y incorporates dual spindles and dual turrets with milling tools along with Y-axis capability. Since both spindles offer identical performance, part-processing flexibility is greatly increased, and full 360-degree clamping units are incorporated into the integral spindles to further increase C-axis indexing accuracy.

Both of the Mazak’s main and second spindles accommodate 10" chucks and deliver 4,000 rpm and 26 kw of machining speed and power. With a combined 24-tool capacity, the left and right turrets feature 4,000-rpm rotary tool spindles.

For expanded part size versatility, the maximum swing and maximum machining diameter of the Mazak Multiplex W-300Y both measure 430mm, while maximum bar capacity is 80mm. A center partition also allows the Mazak Multiplex W-300Y to be utilized as two separate machining envelopes should the application require it.

The factory-supplied Mazak GL200 gantry loader provides fast workpiece load/unload times thanks to the new rack-and-pinion gantry design that allows for simultaneous motion of doors, chuck confirmations and linear rail motion to reduce overall tack times. In addition, the new 2-pallet gantry table design allows for uninterrupted production throughout the day.

The Mazatrol SmoothG CNC makes it easy to generate CNC programs for processing complex parts on the Mazak Multiplex W-300Y.

The control incorporates a wide variety of advanced CNC programming functions that allow it to offer complete ease of use and ensure high-speed, high-accuracy CNC machining performance.

QMN Manufacturing is an Australian family owned company which commenced business in Ayr, Queensland as a small engineering workshop with just five employees on the 27th June 1984.

Today, QMN employ almost 40 people, and have established an outstanding reputation across the Australian hydraulic industry for their quality, innovation and manufacturing excellence.

QMN are one of the largest producers of quality hydraulic cylinders and components in Australia. Their current capacity is 20,000 hydraulic cylinders each year, with the ability to scale to over 40,000 cylinders per year.

QMN’s manufacturing facility already boasts 14 Mazak CNC machines and 9 Fanuc robots.

Mazak Multiplex W 300Y delivery for QMN Manufacturing

Lifting a Mazak Multiplex W 300Y into place at QMN

Mazak Multiplex W 300Y installation at QMN