CNC Machine Tools Success Stories

Mazak delivers high volume production for AMICIS

AMICIS Manufacturing has invested in a Mazak HCR-5000 with a Mazak PALLETECH automation system.

Located in Brendale Queensland and formerly the manufacturing arm of Hyteco, AMICIS has more than 28 years’ experience in design and manufacture of hydraulic manifolds.

AMICIS Manufacturing is one of Australia’s premier hydraulic manifold manufacturing companies and relies heavily on modern 5-axis machining technology.

The exceptionally productive 5-axis Mazak HCR-5000 horizontal machining center brings numerous technological innovations to improve mid-sized to large component machining for AMICIS.

The Mazak HCR-5000 for AMICIS is equipped with the 18,000-rpm spindle. Mazak offers several high-speed spindle options up to 30,000 rpm, all of which feature integral spindle/motors.

The machine also has ballscrew core cooling to minimize thermal growth and achieve higher accuracy and an Auto Tool Changer (ATC), which further boosts productivity with a chip-to-chip tool change time of only 2.8 seconds, including the optional 240 Tool Hive.

To maximise high volume production and improve overall process efficiency, AMICIS have added a 16 pallet high rise Mazak PALLETCH system to their Mazak HCR-5000.

The PALLETECH system is exclusive to Mazak and brings an advanced, pre-engineered automation solution for any manufacturing and volume requirement, and is compatible with all of Mazak’s horizontal machining centers and most of Mazak’s vertical and 5-axis machining centers.

Mazak’s PALLETECH provides exceptional manufacturing flexibility and is available in a wide range of system layouts, including one, two and three level configurations. Furthermore, it is modular so pallets as well as loading stations can easily be added at any time.

The PALLETECH system can accommodate up to 16 CNC machines, 6 to 240 pallets and as many as 8 loading stations. In fact, the benefits of the PALLETECH system are so great, Mazak use it in their own manufacturing facilities.