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No job is too big for a compact Mazak

Specialising in large scale fabrication and manufacturing, The Engineering Company’s guiding maxim “no job is too big or too small” is also appropriate to describe the latest addition to their machining capability – a Mazak Quick Turn 350MY.

Mazak Quick Turn 350MY for The Engineering Company Pty Ltd

Pictured in front of The Engineering Company’s new Mazak Quick Turn 350MY are Rick McCulloch (left), machine shop manager and Chris Booth (right), CNC supervisor.

While compact, the Mazak Quick Turn 350MY is a powerful, high-rigidity machine designed for long, large diameter workpieces.

The Quick Turn’s Integral spindle motor ensures high productivity and high accuracy. Thanks to its design, vibration is minimized during high speed operation to ensure exceptional surface finishes and maximum tool life. Since no transmission with belts, pulleys or gears is used, the higher efficiency of the integral spindle / motor delivers more power to the tool tip to be used for cutting. The spindle C-axis can be indexed by 0.0001 increments and can also perform contouring (standard equipment for machines with milling function).

The 12 position drum turret is designed for minimum interference. By using non-lift rotary indexing, high speed clamping and unclamping can be performed without interference. Additionally, thanks to random selection / shortest path indexing, chip-to-chip time when changing tools is extremely fast.

An integral spindle motor is utilized for the turret milling spindle to minimize vibration for high accuracy. Temperature controlled cooling oil is circulated around the spindle bearings and housing to minimize any thermal change to the spindle.

Double slide Y-axis enables multi-tasking machining of large workpieces in a compact machine. The Y-axis has a 150 (75) mm stroke for the machining of complex and large workpieces.

The tailstock travel and thrust is controlled by a servo motor. The operator can set the tailstock position on the setup screen and move the tailstock to the correct position by 0.1 kN increments using a menu-key or M-code. The low thrust force ensures high accuracy turning even for small diameter shaft workpieces.

The machine also boasts the advanced features of the MAZATROL SmoothG CNC

Headquartered in Somerset, Tasmania, with a supporting branch located in Hobart and over 100 employees, The Engineering Company is a privately owned engineering and manufacturing company with more than 40 years of experience in heavy steel processing and fabrication, large machining, surface treatment, abrasive blasting and painting.

The Engineering Company fabricates and manufactures items such as pressure vessels, large structures, mechanical components and pipe work for the mining, hydro power, marine and rail industries.

The Engineering Company’s on-going investments in modern equipment such as the Mazak Quick Turn enables them to offer complete "one-stop-shop" service solutions that are unrivalled in their market.

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